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The 2014 Formula 1 Finale is Here: Who Will Win it all in Abu Dhabi?

Posted by Jaclyn Harris on Mon, Nov 17, 2014 @ 02:25 PM

Formula One World Championship Formula One Paddock Club Abu Dhabi View of Track Grand Prix Experiences QuintEvents resized 600The 2014 Formula One season finale is taking place this weekend at Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. This weekend will mark the first time double-points have ever been awarded in a grand prix and it will most certainly decide the 2014 World Championship.

The season thus far has been consumed with Mercedes AMG Petronas domination and the 2014 champion will be none other than one of these drivers. On Sunday, either Lewis Hamilton or Nico Rosberg will be named the 2014 Formula One World Champion!

Take a look at where each driver falls currently, the allure of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and brace yourself for what's coming!

A Mercedes AMG Petronas Championship is Brewing

The 2014 F1 Championship has already been decided... to an extent. Due to the current standings and the new double-points being awarded in Abu Dhabi, only two drivers still have a shot at winning it all: Hamilton and Rosberg. 

abu abahbi sunset resized 600These two drivers have been neck-in-neck throughout the entire season constantly securing one-two finishes, both racing toward the title. While this outcome is fantastic for the Mercedes AMG Petronas team itself as one of its drivers will be crowned, it's been a gruesome battle between the two talented drivers. They have been involved in numerous bouts where actions were taken too far on the track causing issues and early dismisses from races.

Hamilton has 10 wins under his belt thus far with Rosberg trailing him with five. As far as points go, Hamilton holds the lead in the standings with 334 points to Rosberg's 317 points heading into Abu Dhabi. This means that Rosberg is only 17 points behind Hamilton.

Throughout the season, points are awarded based on these positionings: 

1st: 25 Points
2nd: 18 Points
3rd: 15 Points
4th: 12 Points
5th: 10 Points
6th: 8 Points
7th: 6 Points
8th: 4 Points
9th: 2 Points
10th: 1 Point

With the double-points awarded in Abu Dhabi, first place will receive 50 points instead of 25. With Rosberg only 17 points behind Hamilton currently, double-points would be enough for him to surpass Hamilton in the overall standings if he were to win at Yas Marina. 

In other words, ladies and gents, we've got a race on our hands!

See Our Early Prediction>>

The Mystery is Solved in Abu Dhabi

formula one world championship formula onepaddock club private suite grand prix experiences quintevents resized 600An oasis in the UAE, Abu Dhabi is the pefect host city for a Formula One season finale! With the circuit situated right at Yas Marina (hence its name), not only are fans offered prime views of grand prix racing, but also of the picturesque landscape of Abu Dhabi. Yachts are moored in the harbor, lights are dimmed since it's a twilight race, and all you hear are the sounds of fans cheering as the F1 cars race around the circuit! The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is a sight to behold!

Taking it a step further, Grand Prix Experiences' guests will have the luxury of watching the 2014 Formula 1 Championship pan out from the Formula One Paddock Club. With a outside viewing platform offering views of the grid, the straight and the first turn paired with an inside, climate-controlled venue offering comfortable seating, the Paddock Club is truly the VIP way to experience a grand prix.

Formula One World Championship Formula One Paddock Club Abu Dhabi Mumm Champagne Glasses Grand Prix Experiences QuintEvents resized 600Guests have access to morning refreshments upon arrival, a complimentary four-course gourmet dining experience, an open wine bar, a Mumm Champagne bar, driver interviews, live music and entertainment, access to Pit Lane walks, the F1 Village and the Support Race Paddock, an official programme and a pair of ear plugs! Essentially, anything a F1 fan could possibly want or need at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix they have access to!

Not to mention, luxurious hotel accommodations in Abu Dhabi are included and Paddock Club Official Package holders receive VIP parking, as well.

Learn More About Yas Marina Circuit>>

Watch it LIVE!

Formula One World Championship Formula One Paddock Club Abu Dhabi Fans Smiling Grand Prix Experiences QuintEvents resized 600While it's too little too late to get your VIP access for this weekend's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, it's the perfect time to get on the Quick Call Back List for access to attend next year! It's not yet been confirmed whether or not Abu Dhabi will offer double-points to the winner next year, but you can be there to watch live and find out!

Is Abu Dhabi not the destination for you? No problem! Grand Prix Experiences offers Official Ticket Packages to the Formula One Paddock Club at each destination on the 2015 calendar! All you have to do is add your name to the Quick Call Back List to get notified when packages are released.

Start your grand prix experience today! Call 866-915-6965 to speak to a representative or fill out the form on
Grand Prix Experiences' website to be added to the Quick Call Back List today! Will we see you in the Formula One Paddock Club in 2015?


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Early Predictions for the Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Posted by Jaclyn Harris on Thu, Oct 30, 2014 @ 12:00 PM

For the first time in Formula 1 history, everything can change in Abu Dhabi! After this weekend, F1 will be making it's final appearance for the 2014 schedule at Yas Marina Circuit with the offer of double points for the winner on the table. 

Grand Prix Experiences Formula One Grand Prix Championship Circuit Map Race Track 2014 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix resized 600

With the current standings, and we don't expect much to change on the leaderboard this weekend at Circuit of The Americas, all eyes are on three drivers: Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and Daniel Ricciardo. 

Whether you love or hate the opportunity for a driver lower in the standings to come back and win it all, the new rule has been incorporated, and there's definitely no denying how it has intensified this season. The three men mentioned above are the only ones who have accumulated enough points thus far in the season to have a shot at the 2014 Championship title and they do each have a fair shot of winning it. 

It's time to take a look at the top three in the standings and cast our early predictions on who is going to steal the World Championship!

The Contenders

Hamilton, Rosberg and Ricciardo have all proven they're deserving of the title this season. Hamilton currently leads the leaderboard with 291 points, followed by Nico Rosberg with 274 points and Daniel Ricciardo with 199 points.

Of the 16 races thus far this season, Hamilton has won nine races, Rosberg with four and Ricciardo with three. Hamilton and Rosberg have secured multiple one-two finishes for Mercedes AMG Petronas, and Ricciardo has had his fair share of podium finishes as well.

So who will win?

The Prediction

Based on the standings and how the season has gone thus far, we predict the 2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is going to be a Mercedes AMG Petronas victory. Daniel Ricciardo has showed tremendous improvement this season, but the battle between the Mercedes team goes deeper than what's on the track.

The competition between Rosberg and Hamilton is more vast than the eye can see and past occurrences between the two lead us to believe nothing will stop these two from leaving everything in Abu Dhabi.

While we believe it will be a Mercedes AMG Petronas win in Abu Dhabi, the victory is up for grabs!

See the Winner Crowned LIVE in Abu Dhabi!

With Grand Prix Experiences Official Ticket Packages to the Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, you can get VIP access to experience the race from the Formula One Paddock Club!

Packages grant access to the coveted Formula One Paddock Club™ where you'll find a variety of exclusive amenities awaiting you, such as one of the greatest vantage points around the track, luxurious seating, complimentary gourmet fare, premium open bars, Mumm Champagne Bars, driver and team personnel interviews, access to Paddock tours, and much more!

describe the image

Get more information on how you can be a part of the Formula 1™ VIP experience in the final races on the 2014 calendar by calling 866-915-6965 to speak to a representative or by visiting Grand Prix Experiences website!

See who secures the 2014 Championship by watching the 2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix LIVE!


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2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: Formula 1's Twilight Race

Posted by Jaclyn Harris on Fri, Oct 24, 2014 @ 10:39 AM

The 2014 Formula 1 season is coming to a close with the finale set for Nov. 23 at Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi! The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix not only offers double points to the victor for the first time in F1 history, but it's also the only twilight race on the season schedule.

Abu Dhabi Grand PrixOh yes, the 2014 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will take place into the night with the opportunity for any of the top three in the current standings to achieve the Championship title!

To say that all of us at Grand Prix Experiences are excited about this night race is an understatement! Formula 1 cars racing under the lights in one of the most lavish and beautiful destinations in the world? What can get better than that, really? 

So to help all of you who are still on the fence about attending Formula 1's twilight race, we've compiled a list of three reasons why you should be chomping at the bit to be a part of this Abu Dhabi adventure!

1. C'mon, it's a TWILIGHT Race!

Although this reason truly speaks for itself, it needs to be stated. Just imagine: watching Formula 1 cars race around the Yas Marina Circuit under the lights; speeding through the stretches, passing each other in the hairpin turns, racing for the title of World Champion! 

describe the imageAbu Dhabi is an oasis comprised of a marina filled with moored yachts surrounded by limitless buildings - the city leaves travlers awestruck in the daylight. Can you imagine how these sights will make you feel under the cover of nightfall? 

The city is completely breathtaking when it's illuminated and when you add the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to the mix, the experience is completely incomparable.


2. Watch LIVE From the Lap of Luxury

It just wouldn't make sense to attend F1's twilight race in Abu Dhabi without watching it from the lap of luxury. With Yas Marina's Formula One Paddock Club, you can do just that!

abu dhabi resized 600The Paddock Club offers an unparalleled Formula 1 experience as it combines VIP hospitality access with one of the most priviledged viewing areas of the circuit. The Paddock Building is located directly above the pits and opposite of the start and finish line. From the viewing platform, you can see panoramic views of the entire circuit and Yas Marina.

Within the air-conditioned hospitality venue, there are dedicated TVs and timing screens allowing you to see the drivers challenge each other within different sections of the track. 

Formula One World Championship Formula One Paddock Club Abu Dhabi Mumm Champagne Glasses Grand Prix Experiences QuintEvents resized 600Included in Paddock Club access are complimentary morning refreshments and a four-course gourmet dining experience, an open wine bar, a Mumm Champagne Bar, live music, interactive entertainment, and much more.

Not to mention, drivers and team personnel stop in the Paddock Club throughout the weekend to meet guests, sign autographs and participate in live interviews!

Paddock Club package holders are also invited to participate in the Pit Lane Walk, receive access to the Support Race Paddock and the F1 Village, are offered VIP parking, and are gifted an Official Programme and ear plugs.

Luxurious accommodations in Abu Dhabi can also be included in Paddock Club packages, allowing you to eliminate all international planning aspects of your trip.

3. Be a Part of the Championship Celebration

In all seriousness, what could be cooler than seeing the LIVE celebration of the 2014 Formula 1 Championship? Whether Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg or Daniel Ricciardo secure the title, it's sure to be a celebration like no other and YOU CAN BE A PART OF IT!

Just let that sink in, please.

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Experiences Formula 1

Treat Yourself to the 2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

It's time for you to make plans to attend the only twilight race on the schedule and the finale of the 2014 Formula 1 season! The 2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is calling your name, folks!

Get more information on how you can attend with Grand Prix Experiences'
Official Paddock Club Ticket Packages by calling 866-915-6965 to speak to a representative or by visiting Grand Prix Experiences website.

Abu Dhabi is calling! It's time for you to answer!

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Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: Double Points, Double Demand

Posted by Jaclyn Harris on Thu, Oct 09, 2014 @ 04:08 PM

The 2014 Formula 1 season is winding down and racing towards the finale under the lights in Abu Dhabi! F1 fans around the world are scheduling days off and figuring out how they're going to get to this oasis in the desert to see the double-points program pan out.

Oh yeah, you heard me correctly. Double points.

abu dhabi2At the end of last season, F1 announced this new double points finale format and was met with mixed feelings. Some fans felt it was unfair to the driver who secured a gap between him and his counterparts in the standings. Others were thrilled by the element of surprise - it's exciting to know that a driver who falls second, third or even fourth in the standings could come back to win it all! 

Double points definitely makes the Formula 1 season more full because there isn't a points gap large enough to ensure the first place driver going into Abu Dhabi will win the Championship. There is also no denying the allure the double points program casts on fans.

Of course, Lewis Hamilton fans want to be there to see if he can keep his first place standing and win it all! Of course, Nico Rosberg and Daniel Ricciardo fans want to see if they can bump their place in the standings up and win the Championship!

But how do you get there? Well, I'm going to tell you how, but first, let's take a look at Yas Marina Circuit, see the challenges it's going to bring forth to the drivers and teams, and learn why fans love it so much!

The Allure of Yas Marina

The Circuit

For the fifth time, Formula 1 will return to Yas Marina Circuit on Yas Island for the
Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the 19th and last race on the 2014 calendar. This particular circuit pulls in drivers and fans alike for similar reasons. The backdrop of Abu Dhabi is out-of-this-world unbelievable and the difficulties the drivers face on the track is incredible to watch.

formula one world championship formula one paddock club abu dhabi view of track grand prix experiences quinteventsYas Marina Circuit hosted the country's first grand prix in 2009, and quickly became a staple on the Formula 1 schedule. 

As the only twilight race on the 2014 calendar, Yas Marina Circuit was meant to be experienced under the lights. The track boasts top speeds of 320 km/h with average speeds of 195 km/h and it's one of the only circuits on the calendar to run in an anti-clockwise direction.

There are several high-speed areas of the track, including the longest straight on the F1 calendar, tight corners for overtaking and a twisty street circuit-style sector.

Take a look at these fast facts about Yas Marina:

Date of the 2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: Nov. 23
Number of Laps: 55
Circuit Length: 5.554 km
Race Distance: 305.355 km
Right Turns: 9
Left Turns: 11
Lap Record: The 2013 F1 Champion, Sebastian Vettel, with 1:40.279 in 2009

With all the twists, turns and top speeds drivers can hit, it's no surprise they love racing at Abu Dhabi. Watching the grand prix racing is a thrill for the fans too, but the circuit design, amenities and location of Yas Marina are debatably a bigger factor for drawing them in.

formula one world championship formula one paddock club abu dhabi view of abu dhabi grand prix experiences quinteventsThe Location

Located right on the waterfront, Yas Marina was designed to give circuits such as Monaco and Valencia a run for their money. The track wraps itself around the island's glamorous marina that's filled with a plethora of moored yachts. 

Straddling the circuit is the iconic five-star, 499-room Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi Hotel, and the 60-metre solar powered Sun Tower offering unrivaled views of the circuit and surrounding city.

It truly is a unique and elite Formula 1 experience any fan would die for! 

Yas Marina's Formula One Paddock Club

Yas Marina Circuit's Formula One Paddock Club is potentially one of the nicest Paddock facilities. Period. 

formula one world championship formula onepaddock club private suite grand prix experiences quinteventsIt offers fully air-conditioned lounges located directly above the pits opposite of the start and fnish line. From the Paddock Club roof-top garden, F1 fans can see panoramic views of the circuit and the marina. 

Additionally, the Club Suite hospitality area offers fans morning refreshments, complimentary fine dining options, an open wine bar, and a Mumm champagne bar. TVs are located throughout the Paddock Club so even when guests step in out of the Abu Dhabi elements, they won't miss a minute of the action on the track. Live music can also be found throughout to entertain guests.

Drivers and team personnel make their way through the Paddock Club during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend to participate in interviews and meet fans too!

In addition, Formula One Paddock Club Package holders get access to Pit Lane Walks and the Support Race Paddock, an invite to the F1 Village, an Official Programme, and VIP parking.

paddock club abu dhabi

If you're looking for an epic F1 weekend in Abu Dhabi, the Formula One Paddock Club is where you need to be. Go big or why go, right?

So how do you get access...

Formula One Paddock Club Official Ticket Packages!

abu abahbi sunsetThe 2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is racing your way and there's only one way to get VIP access to the Formula One Paddock Club at Yas Marina Circuit: GRAND PRIX EXPERIENCES' OFFICIAL TICKET PACKAGES!

Official Ticket Packages grant you VIP access to the race weekend with the exclusive amenities mentioned above included! 

It's time for you to take action. Visit Grand Prix Experiences website for more information on how you can get into the Paddock Club or call 866-915-6965 to speak to a representative.

Get your engine running, you're going to Abu Dhabi! 


Book Your F1 Abu Dhabi  Paddock Club Tickets Today!

View these other articles to help you prepare for the 2014 Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix:

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Can an Underdog Win with Formula 1 Abu Dhabi’s Double Points?

Formula 1 Abu Dhabi is the Hottest Event of the Year!

Adults Only Guide to Formula 1 Abu Dhabi

What to Pack to Formula 1 Abu Dhabi



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2014 Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix: Know the Circuit

Posted by Jaclyn Harris on Thu, Oct 02, 2014 @ 09:00 AM

Formula One World Championship Formula One Paddock Club Suzuka Formula One Car Grand Prix Experiences QuintEventsCan you believe there are only four races left on the 2014 Formula 1 calendar? Well, you better start believing because F1 is racing into Japan this weekend! Not only does Japan boast some of the most knowledgeable and dedicated F1 fans in the world, but it is also home to Suzuka Circuit, located just outside the beautiful cities of Nagoya and Kyoto.

But before you can get fully excited for the
Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix, you need to know the circuit. It's important to understand the difficulties the track holds for the drivers so you can fully appreciate the talent that goes into winning the Japanese Grand Prix.

So without further ado, check out everything you need to know about Suzuka Circuit! And then, keep on reading for some tips regarding activities and tourist attractions in the surrounding areas, and to see what's remaining on the F1 calendar!

Getting to Know the Track: Suzuka Circuit

Simply put, Suzuka Circuit is a massive test of driver and car abilities. It was built by Honda in 1962, with the intent of being used as a test facility and a huge theme park was built surrounding the track for spectators to enjoy. In 1987, the circuit began hosting various sportscar and F2 races.

Shortly after, using Honda's influence in the sport, the Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix made the move from Fuji to Suzuka and excluding the years 2007-2008, the grand prix has remained there ever since.

Grand Prix Experiences Formula One Grand Prix Championship Circuit Map Race Track 2014 Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix

A few areas of the track are particularly tricky for the drivers to maneuver. The high-speed 130R and famous Spoon Curve are among these, and the circuit's figure-eight layout makes it unique to other tracks on the F1 calendar.

Check out these fast facts regarding the circuit:

2014 Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix Race Date: Oct. 5, 2014
Number of Laps: 53
Circuit Length: 5.807 km
Race Distance: 307.471 km
Lap Record: 1:31.540 by K. Raikkonen in 2005

While the drivers like Suzuka Circuit for its difficulty, spectators appreciate the viewing experience the circuit offers from the luxurious Formula One Paddock Club facility and the other various amenities located within the grounds of the track.

For example, Suzuka contains the infamous Mototopia theme park, the Kur Garden hot springs, gyms, golf courses, tennis courts, bowling alleys, hotels, and restaurants! It's a utopia for F1 fans.

And when it comes to accessing the Paddock Club, well...

Formula One World Championship Formula One Paddock Club Suzuka View From Above Grand Prix Experiences QuintEventsUnparalleled Paddock Club Access

The Paddock Building is THE place to watch the
Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix take place. It offers unparalleled views of the track within a luxurious air-conditioned venue. Paddock Club guests have access to complimentary gourmet fare, premium open bars, Pit Lane Walks, interviews with drivers and team personnel, and live entertainment throughout the race weekend. 

Whether you're looking to attend the Japanese Grand Prix this year or in 2015, the Formula One Paddock Club is the perfect venue to entertain your friends and family or a corporate group. 

Learn More About the Formula One Paddock Club>>


The Final Races 

Formula One World Championship Formula One Paddock Club Abu Dhabi Fans Smiling Grand Prix Experiences QuintEventsThe 2014 F1 calendar is coming to close, but not without some of the most highly anticipated races taking place! After the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix this weekend, F1 is racing into Russia before heading to the United States for the USGP at Circuit of The Americas.

THEN, it's time for the season finale! If you haven't looked into the final race of the 2014 Formula 1 schedule, the
2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, then prepare to be amazed! The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is offering double points which means anything can happen and almost anyone can still win the championship this year! 

Formula One World Championship Formula One Paddock Club Suzuka View of Pit Grand Prix Experiences QuintEventsGrand Prix Experiences is your one stop shot for VIP hospitality and coveted views at any of the upcoming races on the calendar. And while it may seem as if the season is coming to a close quickly, there is still plenty of time to secure your spot at the
2014 Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at Yas Marina Circuit held on Nov. 21-23. 

However, due to the intensity of the double points program and the fact that this grand prix is the season finale, Paddock Club spots will fill quickly, so don't wait!

Get more information on how you can be a part of the season finale today by calling 866-915-6965 to speak to a representative or visit Grand Prix Experiences for more information. 

Will we see you at the most anticipated race of the season?

Book Your F1 Abu Dhabi  Paddock Club Tickets Today!

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Do it For Mother Russia! Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix is Back!

Posted by Kellie Canosa on Fri, Sep 12, 2014 @ 11:20 AM

Russian grand prix formula 1Calling all Formula 1™ fan fanatics, the time has come upon us! The Russian Grand Prix has finally returned to the 2014 F1™ calendar on what will mark the 100th anniversary of the last Russian Grand Prix. The last time Russia saw a grand prix race was when it was briefly held in the 1910s in St. Petersburg –wowzia!

After being dormant for so long, Russia will hosts the country's inaugural grand prix and the sixteenth race of the 2014 Formula 1™ season on Oct. 12, 2014 at the Sochi Autodrom! The Sochi circuit, located in the Black Sea resort, is the first purpose-built Formula 1™ facility in Russia and it’.

Besides the attention the new circuit is getting for just being built this year, Russia was also the host city for the Winter Olympics! I can speak for all of us when I say; Russia has had quite the sporting resume and quite the attention getter.

 Formula 1Russia F1 Circuit

So, how on earth does a country known for winter sports, vodka and bitter cold temperatures get into Formula 1™? Better yet, why? More like, why not! Sochi's Formula 1™ relationship formally began in Oct. 2010, when an agreement to host a grand prix was signed between race promoters OJSC Center Omega and the Formula 1™ group of companies, with the support of the Russian government and in the presence of Vladimir Putin, of course.

Once the I’s were dotted and the T’s crossed, construction plans began flowing under the design supervision of remarkable, world renowned circuit architect Hermann Tilke.

What makes the circuit unlike any other around the world is it’s integrated into the Olympic Park infrastructure, with facilities located extremely close to the Olympic Park railway station and roads which connect with Sochi International Airport –talk about convent for YOU and F1 Teams.

The circuit runs in a clockwise direction and varies from 13 meters at its narrowest point to 15 meters at the start-finish line. More importantly, well for fans at least, it’s expected that Formula 1 cars will reach a maximum speed of 200mph on the 650-meter straight between the first and second turns!

Why Go?

Russian F1 grand prix destintaion

For starters, Sochi has emerged as one of the world’s top sporting destinations. That alone is enough to have any F1™ fan itching to attend, if you ask me. 2014 sees the city host not only its first Formula 1™ race, but also the 22nd Olympic Winter Games (as we mentioned earlier) and 11th Paralympic Winter Games. Oh, and it will also be a host city for the 2018 FIFA World Cup –pshh, no big deal?

Unofficially nicknamed ‘the summer capital of Russia’, the city of Sochi usually enjoys 200 days of sunshine a year. According to, “Sochi is characterized by a unique blend of beautiful scenery, the warm azure waters of the Black Sea and high mountains of the Caucasus, all of which will provide a distinct and spectacular setting for the Grand Prix.” I mean seriously, why not go?

Where to Go?

BESIDES going to the brand new, world-class circuit there are endless amounts of adventures and sites to be seen!

Visitors can enjoy an opera at the dramatic Winter Theatre, watch ‘the singing fountains’ in the city centre, get a history lesson at Sochi’s art and history museums, explore the stunning 30-acre Dendrary Botanical Gardens, attend a vodka tasting, take an excursion to local waterfalls, the attractions are endless and calling your name. Don’t you hear it?

Get Your Official Ticket Packages!

1 Page 13 Image 0001Grand Prix Experiences provides Official Ticket Packages DIRECT from the event organizers with the best-of-the-best inclusions. The Formula One Paddock Club™ Experience offers unrivalled views of the action in a private grandstand (don't know what that is? Check it out!), unique tours of the pit lane to witnessing real time interviews with drivers and team personnel.

You will experience the best views, foods, wines, and racing that will leave any race fan weak at the knees. Don’t miss out on making memories of a lifetime at one of the world’s greatest sporting cities! So it’s time to take action! Call 1-866-915-6965 to speak to a knowledgeable representative or visit Grand Prix Experiences’ website to get more information on planning your trip to Sochi!

Attend the Russian Grand Prix Today!

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Can an Underdog Win with Formula 1 Abu Dhabi’s Double Points?

Posted by Kellie Canosa on Tue, Sep 09, 2014 @ 10:27 AM

Love it or hate it, the last and final grand prix of the 2014 Formula 1™ season in Abu Dhabi is serving up double points in the final race of the season. And we all know what that means; an underdog can snatch the title from someone who thought the Driver’s World Championship title was in the bag.

With that being said, what drivers actually have a chance to take the title from the current leader, Nico Rosberg, who has 238 points? What underdog can be victorious if they win in Abu Dhabi? Well, ladies and gentlemen, you are about to found out. Before we take a look at the ‘what if’s,’ it’s important to understand how the point system works.


The top 10 finishers in each grand prix score points towards the drivers’ and the constructors’ world championships, according to the official and the below scale:

formula 1 final race and points system1st : 25 points
2nd : 18 points
3rd : 15 points
4th : 12 points
5th : 10 points
6th : 8 points
7th : 6 points
8th : 4 points
9th : 2 points
10th : 1 point

However, the only exception is at the final race of the season where double points are awarded, and if a race is suspended and cannot be restarted, and if less than 75 percent of the race distance has been completed, half the points are given.

For example, “if in a given race Sebastian Vettel finishes second for Red Bull and team mate Daniel Ricciardo fifth, then Vettel and Ricciardo score 18 and ten points respectively towards the drivers’ championship, while Red Bull score 28 points (18 plus 10) towards the constructors’ championship.” Source>>

The drivers' and constructors' championship titles are awarded to the driver and constructor who score the most points over the course of the season.

Now that we’ve covered that and you’re a Formula 1™ points system pro, it’s time to take a forecast of who could possibly be the driver champion if they win in Abu Dhabi.


describe the imageFirst of all, there are three races left before the final grand prix (Japan, Russia, and United States) and a lot can change between now and then. BUT, think of this as a weather forecast, and who doesn’t love looking ahead anyways!?

Currently, Mercedes AMG Petronas driver, Nico Rosberg is leading the pack with 238 points. I bet you can’t guess what driver is tailing him (hence the sarcasm)? Yep, you’ve guessed it – Lewis Hamilton, Rosberg’s teammate who has 216 points.

describe the imageOur next contender is the Red Bull Racing Aussie, Daniel Ricciardo! For only being his first season driving for Red Bull, he's been putting on quite a show and becoming quite a fan favorite (the accent helps, if you ask me). Riccardo has 166 points in the drivers standings and he is on F. I. R. E.

Another contender we cannot leave out is, Fernando Alonso. Alonso drives for team Ferrari and has 121 points in the standings. He is a ways down compared to the other three drivers, but it would be foolish to count him out. The great thing about Formula 1™ and double point in Abu Dhabi is you never know what can happen.

describe the imageLast but not least, Valtteri Bottas, who is a driver that is quickly closing in on Alonso. This past weekend at the Italian Grand Prix, Bottas pushed himself into fourth place in the world championship standings where he sits at 122 points. Alonso now sits one spot below Bottas.

At the end of the day, Nico Rosberg still sits high on the mountain top with ease, but with Abu Dhabi’s double points reward on the horizon he better watch his tail, literally. Hamilton and Riccardo are hot on his tracks.

Abu Dhabi is Calling!

Well, aren’t you going to answer? Formula 1™ Abu Dhabi is the hottest event of the year and it’s calling YOU! How does it feel? With Abu Dhabi being such a big event and the talk of the world, it’s not easy getting your hands on Official Ticket Packages. WAIT! Yes it is because Grand Prix Experiences has the inside scoop!

Grand Prix Experiences offers Official Ticket Packages directly from the event organizers to ensure the highest level of satisfaction. Enjoy the lavish atmosphere of the Formula 1 Paddock Club™, pit lane tours, celebrities, complimentary champagne, and gourmet foods. The 2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix won’t wait forever!

Attend F1 Abu Dhabi Today!

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The Rivalry Continues at the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix

Posted by Kellie Canosa on Mon, Sep 08, 2014 @ 12:42 PM

Italy recapBy now we’ve all heard of the exciting, historical, drama-filled rivalry between the Mercedes Silver Arrows. One week they are best friends, and the next they are crashing into each other on purpose and having words in the garage.

Put all drama aside, Lewis Hamilton fought back from a poor start to take a well-earned victory at Monza on Sunday, moving to within 22 points of Mercedes teammate and points leader Nico Rosberg. After the last grand prix, Hamilton was out for the number one spot on the podium and champagne showers; he wasn’t letting Rosberg crash his parade (again).

Rosberg had led early on, but the German had to settle for second coming under increasing and relentless pressure from Hamilton. The race had fans and drivers on the edge of their seats, each turn seeing chances for a pass.

Felipe Massa claimed his first podium for Williams in third, while teammate Valtteri Bottas fought back from his own tardy start - he dropped from third to 11th in the opening laps - to secure fourth ahead of Red Bull duo Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel.

The Rivalry Raises Questions

Rosberg's race-changing error set up Hamilton's sixth victory of the season. The battling teammates had started on the front row, but Rosberg missed his braking point on the first corner of lap 29 and lossed the lead, as we mentioned before, due to heavy pressure.

According to, "They wanted to guarantee success and they wanted to have the best drivers," Eddie Jordan, who spent more than a decade as an F1 team principal and owner, said of Mercedes. "That's what they got. But there's a lot of pain that comes with it."

The rivalry has raised a larger question in F1. Does it make sense for a team to carry two genuine title contenders?

"It's very brave what they're doing," Marussia team principal John Booth said of Mercedes. "Look at [Michael] Schumacher's world championships. His teammates were always subservient to him...and that's a recipe that wins world championships, doesn't it?"

Do you agree or disagree? Tell us in the comments below!

There’s Still Time!

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Cheers and Boos at Formula 1 Belgium Grand Prix

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winner With seven of this year’s 19 races remaining, this Sunday’s Formula 1 Belgium Grand Prix™ showed the good, the bad and the ugly. Daniel Ricciardo took first place to mark his third victory of the 2014 F1™ season. His previous wins were in Hungary in July and his first ever F1 win at the Canadian Grand Prix in June!

The win was Ricciardo’s third win in six races in his first season with Red Bull since succeeding fellow Australian Mark Webber as teammate to four-time champion German Sebastian Vettel, who came home fifth.

Ricciardo’s victory brought Red Bull’s 50th win in Formula 1™ and brought overjoyed Ricciardo endless amounts of cheers, while Nico Rosberg of Mercedes AMP Petronas was booed by the crowd at the end of the race. Why you ask? Great question, read further to find out why!


Although he started from the pole position and lead majority of the race, Nico Rosberg was condemned by his team and booed by spectators after colliding with Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton –GASPS!

Somehow Rosberg, who still managed to finish second, survived yet another run-in with Hamilton, whose tire was punctured on the second lap. The misjudged pass move performed by the German eventually lead to the final retirement for Hamilton.

The, “According to Hamilton, Rosberg confessed he collided with his teammate’s car “on purpose” in a post-race briefing inside the Mercedes motorhome as the championship-leading team sought to deal with the fallout from the pair’s controversial — and costly — clash at Spa on Sunday night.”

crashesIn a post conference interview from, Mercedes team bosses, Niki Lauda and Toto Wolff, both laid the blame for the second-lap crash that left leader Hamilton with a race-wrecking puncture on Rosberg who appeared to drive into his teammate’s car.

“That was just an unacceptable race, said Wolff. It is unbelievable. You should not crash into your teammate. Lap number two of a long race and a crash between two teammates, we have often discussed the situation and it happened today.

“You don’t try to overtake with the knife between your teeth in lap number two and damage both cars,” continued Wolff. “This is a decisive moment in the battle between the two of them and for the team. Lewis is very upset, we kept him out there for a long time with a damaged car. He will recover quickly. It is going to be handled.”

Mercedes team Chief Niki Lauda added: “It’s very simple. It is unacceptable that in the second lap Nico hit Lewis, completely unacceptable.

What do you think about the situation? Do you think Rosberg did it intentionally? Do you think there should be consequences? Let us know in the comment box below.


All drama aside, Ricciardo remains third in the overall standings at 166 points — 25 points behind Hamilton, in second, while Rosberg is out in front at 220 points.

See the Official Formula 1™ Standings>> 

toasts to formula 1The Silver Arrows have had a historic season thus far, and as a team they could continue their legacy. But, when teammates start going after teammates for the sake of their own fulfillment, the reminder of the season could get sticky.

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2014 Formula 1 Belgium Grand Prix – Did you know?

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Are you missing the heart thumping action of Formula 1™ yet? Well, you aren’t the only one! Formula 1™ returns from a long break on Aug. 24, 2014, and I think I can speak for all of us when I say we are over the moon about its return!

describe the imageAs Belgium prepares to host the 2014 Shell Belgian Grand Prix, Grand Prix Experiences is preparing to give you all the inside scoop, facts and figures about one of the world’s most popular circuits among both race car drivers and fans.

The Spa-Francorchamps Circuit is among the most historic on the Formula 1™ calendar, having hosted a (non-championship) grand prix as long ago as 1924! The original layout of the track was not in an actual facility, but on extremely narrow public roads. Not to mention, it was an astonishing 14.9 kilometers long, which quickly became known as the most dangerous race year over year.

The Grand Prix was held almost every year between 1950 and 1970. The race was completely redesigned in 1979 to correspond to the safety standards of the world's other great automobiles races, in particular, the Formula 1™.

Belgium circuit map

However, Spa-Francorchamps did not see the F1™ calendar again until 1983, and by that time the circuit’s distance was drastically changed to seven kilometers. According to, “Somehow, though, the circuit's magic was retained.”

Race Date: Aug. 24, 2014
Circuit Name: Spa-Francorchamps
Circuit Nickname: Spa
First Grand Prix: 1950
Number of Laps: 44
Circuit Length: 7.004 km
Race Distance: 308.052 km
Lap Record: 1:47.263 - S Vettel (2009)

FUN FACT: The Belgian Grand Prix has been run 57 times previously, at three different circuits: Nivelles (twice), Zolder (10 times) and, of course, Spa-Francorchamps (45 times). McLaren and Lotus are the only teams to have won at all three tracks.

The Thrill of the Challenge

Spa-Francorchamps, above all else offers the mac daddy of all circuit challenges, and only the truly great drivers can really claim to have mastered it. In fact, just six men have won the race more than twice! –This place is no joke folks!

The track is highly technical, going from straight lines to sudden rapid curves; this track offers sensations unknown on other tracks, especially Eau Rouge. Eau Rouge maintains its reputation as one of Formula 1™ racing's most technically demanding corners.

describe the image

The feared corners and extreme elevation changes are enough to make any driver nervous but through in rain and it’s a whole different story. The weather is almost as famous as the circuit itself, as it can often be simultaneously raining on one part of the track and dry on another. 

FUN FACT: Ferrari is statistically the most successful team in Belgian Grand Prix history. The Italian team has won the race 16 times and finished on the podium on 28 other occasions. They also hold the record for poles (13) and fastest laps (17).

Why Go?

Besides being home to one of the world’s most well-known circuits on the Formula 1™ calendar, Spa-Francorchamps is also known throughout the world for its water, yes water. Natural springs were discovered deep in the Ardennes countryside by the Romans and are still a popular tourist attraction today.

According to “The great thing about Spa-Francorchamps is that it hasn’t changed over the years,” says three-time world champion Niki Lauda. “The track is an old-style circuit and is still a great challenge to the drivers, and the surrounding area hasn’t been built all over and is still very beautiful. I enjoy coming here.”

There is virtually something for everyone at the Belgium Grand Prix. Go visit the bright lights of Liege and Brussels or go attend a beer tasting at the local pub! Whatever it is, you’ll be having a grand ole time while attending the 2014 Belgium GP!

Experience it all LIVE!

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